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neat dance toon

Love the snare used in this track, it stands out and adds depth and suspence to the track. The leads are nice although the bass where i wish more was going on. Nice job!

MrBainbridge responds:

Ty for the input! I was mostly just playing with some effects, learning the new synths i downloaded, and kinda really liked the beat... but didnt have anywhere to go with it... so a loop it is lol. Ty again, tis appreciated.

Really cool

This sounds like something that could have been used in the castle crashers soundtrack. I love the use of Orchestra hits and the deep choral effects. you definatly gave it an epic feel why also allowing it to breathe inbetween. The arpeggios were a nice touch. I reallt enjoyed this track! I wish it had been longer, I know it is a loop but Great Work!

lol 8 bit love

Love the Ragtime style you got going with this! You the chip tunes sound authentic. The only thing that kept me from 10/10 was the bass was very bland, and while that is a trademark of really old chip tunes, it is not a staple or ragtime. But I did really enjoy the tune!! Great Work!!

wandschrank responds:

Thank you! Yes, there's nothing going on at low frequencies.. ;D

I will be posting more music to catch up to my Youtube account. My music is availble free HERE, as well as other places on the web. Or you can purchase my digital album on Itunes/Amazon to get all the songs now. I have every intention of making it free!

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